Eighth grader Ian Philback honored with ‘Caring Award’ by Hardyston BOE

HARDYSTON. Teachers overwhelmingly nominated Philback for his caring spirit and kindness.

| 20 Jun 2022 | 01:27

Hardyston Chief School Administrator Mike Ryder presented the Sussex County School Counselors “Caring Award” recipient to Ian Philback, who accepted the award at the Hardyston Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, June 14. Philback attends eighth grade at Hardyston Middle School.

Ryder told everyone at the meeting, “Ian is one of the kindest and sweetest guys I’ve gotten to know.”

The following comments from teachers are some of the reasons Philback was picked for the Caring Award. They said he epitomizes caring and is always willing to help. He greets everyone and provides warm greetings to teachers and students. He is always smiling and brightens up the classroom.

The teachers also noted that Philback always greets people with high fives and he holds the door for people, even when he’s running late for his class.

Ryder explained that the teachers at the school nominated Philback because “he was our school’s overwhelming choice.”

Everyone in attendance applauded Philback for his award.