Hardyston honors students of the Month

Hardyston. The Hardyston Township Public schools honored its Students of the month in grades K-8.

| 19 Apr 2022 | 02:07

    The Hardyston Township Board of Education honored the March students of the month at the April 12 Board of Education meeting.

    Ms. Jennifer Cimaglia, Principal at Hardyston Elementary School announced the following students for the month of March:

    Kindergarten Class

    Brodie Singley - Brodie’s teacher, Mrs. Jensen, said Brodie listens, is kind, and focused. He is always there to help friends. He makes pictures for his friends when he sees they are sad. Mrs. Jensen said “Thank you for being so kind and helpful.”

    Grade 1

    Mason Caine - Mason’s counselor, Mrs. Demczak, and Miss Malloy nominated Mason for first grade student of the month. “Mason came such a long way. When Mason is upset, he stops, thinks, and names his emotions. He is always kind to his peers. Congratulations Mason!”

    Grade 2

    Skyler Chiang - Skyler’s teacher Mrs. Marjoram nominated Skyler for March student of the month for second grade. Mrs. Marjoram said “she is pleased to honor such a nice young man. Skyler is honest, compassionate, and his kindness comes from within. He always goes out of his way to make sure everyone is okay. He is humble and likable. Skyler always shares his supplies with his table mates that might need some. He always goes the extra mile. “I’m so happy to have him in class. He’s truly a ray of sunshine.”

    Grade 3

    Emma Napovier - Emma’s teacher, Mrs. Brown, said that Emma is a one of a kind student. “She is such a good example to her peers. She asks for extra practice when she needs to. Emma seems to have an antenna that if someone is upset she helps them. She is an absolute joy to have in class.”

    Grade 4 -

    Abigail Baldassano - Abigail’s teacher Miss Higgins said “Abigail is an absolute joy. I’m in awe of how effectively she communicates her feelings. She takes pride in her work and not only does she want to do well but she also wants her friends to do well. Abby is an excellent role model.”

    Mike Ryder, Chief School Administrator for Hardyston Schools announced the following students of the month.

    Grade 5

    Levi McCarrick - His teacher said, “Levi is without a doubt a kind, caring, and helpful 5th grader. He works so hard to learn. He is a reliable young man and will go far in school and life!”

    Grade 6

    Sadie Rude - Her teacher said, “Sadie has an impactful attribute of resilience. She has shown great resilience. She takes school seriously. Sadie has a pleasant demeanor in class. Congratulations.”

    Grade 7 -

    Temperance Settembrino -Temperance teacher said Temperance is an exemplary student. She always participates in class activities and is always respectful.” She has come to class to offer the teacher help. Her teacher is always grateful for her conversation during the time she is helping.

    Grade 8 -

    Preeuyapha Srirakasa - Preeuapha’s teacher said Preeuyapha has been devoted, polite, works hard and is really conscientious. She is creative and makes excellent diagrams. It’s a pleasure getting to know her.”

    Ryder also introduced Hailey Murphy, a Hardyston eighth-grader who was awarded the 2021-22 Sussex County Superintendents’ Roundtable Student Award.

    Ryder stated that it’s rare that an 8th grader wins the award in the county.

    “Hailey not only achieves success with extra-curricular activities, but she carries herself with pride,” said Ryder. Hailey and her dad attended the board of education meeting. Hailey’s dad had previously presented her with a plaque at the Hardyston Middle School celebrating her achievement.

    The students and their proud parents attended the Board of Education meeting to celebrate the March students of the month.