The New Jersey Education Association’s executive board gets an ‘F’

| 29 Nov 2021 | 04:53

    The New Jersey Education Association’s officers, President Sean M. Spiller, Vice President Steve Beatty, and Secretary-Treasurer Petal Robertson, should be immediately recalled for failure to pass Press Release 101.

    On Friday, Nov. 19, the executive board of the NJEA released a statement critical of the jury verdict in Wisconsin v. Kyle Rittenhouse. Here is the verbatim statement with factual critique.

    “Today we share the dismay of all those who see the brokenness of our justice system.” The NJEA executive board takes a misinformed and minority-of-the-public stance. They should have watched the trial. The trial is rock solid proof that our justice system is the greatest in the world.

    “Today we share the fear and frustration of all those who are reliving the trauma of previous miscarriages of justice.” Name the alleged miscarriages of justice. Factually informed people know better than to try.

    “Today we share the anger of all those who know that our communities are less safe, because this verdict sent a harmful message that vigilante violence is a reasonable response to constitutionally protected protest.” Kenosha had three days of riots, not constitutionally protected protests. Our communities are less safe due to irresponsible protests and subsequent responses to an excellent example of constitutional and lawful judicial processes. Our communities are less safe due to the NJEA executive board.

    “But more than that, today we share the determination of those whose commitment to true equality, liberty and justice for all people – regardless of race, religion or creed – has only been strengthened by the clear reminder of how far our country still has to go. It is nice to know that the NJEA seeks equality, liberty and justice for all as the Kenosha jury demonstrated in real time and for all to see. It is part and parcel of the oaths of office sworn to by all members in the judicial system. What country has a better criminal justice system?

    “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to the families, friends and loved ones of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber – as well as Gaige Grosskreutz – who were victimized again by the failure of our legal system to deliver justice and accountability for the violence perpetrated against them.”

    Your “thoughts and deepest sympathies” are grossly misplaced. All three were the violent aggressors according to the extensive video evidence. The audio recorded loud cries to kill Kyle Rittenhouse before he was chased into a car lot and was attacked by Rosenbaum, a man with a prison record and recent psychiatric issues. Huber, another assailant with a prison record, chased Rittenhouse down and hit him over the head with a skateboard. Grosskreutz admitted that he aimed a loaded Glock semi-auto pistol at Rittenhouse before he was shot in the arm.

    The scenario was correctly found to be “self defense.” Facts are: Rittenhouse violated no laws vis a vis the possession of the rifle. He had a right to go to Kenosha since his father lives there; he had worked there; he assisted in riot damage cleanup; he was asked to protect an auto dealership; he gave first aid and put out small incendiary fires. Kyle Rittenhouse’s life was at risk.

    NJEA executive board: resign immediately. You are unfit to serve.

    Eskil S. Danielson

    Byram Township