Playing the ‘blame game’

| 25 Jan 2021 | 05:51

    To the Editor:

    “No one is above the law” except members of the United States Congress. Article 1 Section 6 of the Constitution provides that members of Congress shall “for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

    This clause has been interpreted in case law (Doe v. McMillan, 412 U.S. 306, 1973) to mean that members of Congress are protected during such acts as voting, conduct of committee hearings, issuance and distribution of committee reports, the subpoenaing of information required in the course of congressional investigations, and even the reading of stolen classified materials into a committee’s public record.

    Members of Congress can lie with impunity in their official capacity with current ethics meaning almost anywhere, including the loo. But don’t you dare lie before Congress. Ask General Michael Flynn and many others.

    The level of irresponsible allegations from certain members of Congress against people, including their own colleagues, relative to the January 6th mob incident in the Capitol is disgusting. So far, less than 200 people have been charged with the events in the Capitol building. From all the video and cell phone photography, it appears that may be the best estimate of those who breached the doors and windows gaining access. No statuary was damaged. Members of Congress broke up furniture for self defense. Very few who entered the Capitol were combative. Doubling the number to 400, the number is less than one percent of those who attended the rally (+/-100,000) which was almost two miles away. President Trump’s speech ended some twenty minutes after the mob breached the barriers.

    The Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader knew there was going to be a large rally. They were implored by the Capitol police chief to request assistance. Being political people, the leaders apparently didn’t want the appearance of losing control. Things went out of control and they have played the “blame game” since.

    In the aftermath of the Capitol mob incursion, on Jan. 7, Trump had an approval rate of 40% and Congress 14%. When the tear gas and human hot air cleared by Jan. 20, Trump was at 51% and Congress at 13%. The polled public is perceptive.

    Eskil S. Danielson

    Byram Township