Move on from the hunt

Newton /
| 09 Aug 2022 | 09:57

    I realize there are those out there such as Wieslaw Mokrzecki (“Gov. Murphy’s prohibition on bear culling must stop) who feel the need to dust off their rifles, shotguns, or (more likely) AK-47 assault weapons, just itching for the chance to kill some bears — not to thin the population, but to prove their manhood and follow the wishes of the National Rifle Association. The problem is that “what he has read” about the bear population increasing by 30% annually is a complete myth — because there has been no official bear count since Governor Murphy took office in 2018. What he has read is propaganda from pro-hunt agitators. Wieslaw’s problem is a clear animus towards the governor, hence his comment about replacing Murphy. Well, guess what? He just started his second term — so there’s nothing you can do about it. If proper precautions are taken, bears and humans can peacefully co-exist. And bearproof garbage cans do exist — just check out Amazon. If you’re unwilling to take those precautions, then it’s on you. Don’t blame the bears — they were here long before you and I.

    Michael Schnackenberg