Gov. Murphy’s prohibition on bear culling must stop

Sparta /
| 05 Aug 2022 | 12:26

    Yesterday a large bear walked through my back yard coming from the direction of Alpine School. I was lucky not to be outdoors at the time.

    For what I have read, without yearly culling the bear population increases 30% each and every year. This means that in three years bear population will double and with geometric progression in six years more than triple.

    Bears are dangerous wild animals and can run faster than horses, and certainly faster than you and your pet. If somebody envisions bears to be Teddy Bears, you can buy him in a toy store.

    It is not realistic expecting everybody to get bearproof garbage cans if there is such a thing.

    Governor Murphy has prohibited culling. It is high time to replace Murphy with somebody smarter, preferably Republican to save lives and for us to be safe.

    Remember another Murphy’s scandal when great many people died in nursing homes.

    Wieslaw Mokrzecki