A word of thanks

Vernon /
| 22 Aug 2022 | 01:41

    The Snufftown Garden Club has two words for the Sussex County community – THANK YOU!

    In mid-July we held a yard sale to raise money for the Blue Star Marker we are sponsoring in the Northern New Jersey Veterans Cemetery in Sparta. The response was overwhelming! In two days we were able to raise almost $1,000 to go to the Blue Star Marker fund.

    Thank you also to Straus News, The Advertiser, for covering our efforts with an article and pictures. Many people mentioned that they knew about the sale because they read about it in The Advertiser, and several people stopped by just to make a donation. Without the coverage, our sale would not have been such a success.

    Our Blue Star Marker will be located on Route 94 at the Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery. Currently you are able to see the flags indicating where the marker will be placed. Keep looking to check the progress.

    Thanks again to all who helped!

    Rose Wolverton, President, The Snufftown Garden Club

    Hardyston, Vernon