Sussex-Wantage superintendent prepares to split time

WANTAGE. Superintendent Michael Gall will share his services with Lafayette this school year.

| 29 Aug 2022 | 02:37

Sussex Wantage Regional Superintendent Michael Gall, who also serves as superintendent of Lafayette Township, said he expects to spend the initial part of the first day of school in Lafayette as he transitions to leading both school districts.

Gall told the Board of Education on August 26 that he would start his first day of school for students on September 6 in Lafayette since he’s relatively new to that school system, compared to Sussex-Wantage.

“They don’t know me as well, and we have three great principals in each building here,” Gall said. “That’s okay.”

Gall said both boards of education have been helpful as he transitions into sharing his services, but the first day for staff and students recently came up as an issue, as it called for him to be in two places at once.

“I’m going to try to attend all of the schools’ faculty meetings for a little bit of time,” Gall said.

Staff at Sussex-Wantage have professional development days on September 1 and 2, with students entering the new term on September 6. Lafayette schools will hold a New Teacher Orientation on August 31, with a teacher in-service day on September 1.