No closure yet on medical marijuana facility proposed for Lafayette

| 22 Oct 2020 | 03:28

Lafayette. Harmony Foundation’s proposal to build a medical marijuana facility on Route 94 in Lafayette is on hold until the land purchase is completed. In late May, Lafayette’s land use board approved a 30,000-plus-square-foot addition to the facility on the site plan. “As far as I know, Harmony hasn’t yet closed on the property yet,” said land use secretary Stephanie Pizzulo. Harmony Foundation is based in Secaucus, N.J., and has a dispensary there. The local property is currently owned by Carl Wood Land Development, an LLC whose address is the same as the proposed site: 144 Route 94 in Lafayette. Harmony’s website ( says its CEO, Shaya Brodchandel, “came from his other ventures in the medical science field to Harmony Foundation with a mission: to create a superior medicinal cannabis product for the patients of New Jersey.” It says the foundation uses “advanced techniques for controlled environmental production.”