Hardyston schools report a successful start to the school year

HARDYSTON. The school board looks ahead to see what additional improvements can be made.

| 20 Sep 2022 | 11:49

Chief School Administrator Mike Ryder shared with the Advertiser that this September school year has been the best start Hardyston schools have had since pre-COVID.

“It is such a noticeable difference in the air. There is such a positive vibe and it’s enjoyable,” Ryder said.

Ryder explained that at the September 13 Board of Education meeting, they passed all the district goals for the year. Ryder said Hardyston will enhance early childhood education (P-3) by having occupational therapists, behaviorists, and speech therapists provide classroom-based, consistent instruction for students.

In addition, the Hardyston faculty will analyze performance data for math and comprehensive English/language arts classes. This will assist the school in tracking trends to make informed, data-driven decisions to adjust teaching goals as needed.

Hardyston schools are working to provide social and emotional support to students by utilizing the expertise of outside agencies that specialize in these areas. The school board is planning to publish a new district mission statement after constructive participation from staff, students, and community members.

The board also passed a nursing shared service agreement with the Hamburg school district.

The board was able to pass a tutoring and after-school Homework Club for the middle school, with the use of the federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund grant.

Ryder added, “These items are incredibly positive for Hardyston and I’m proud to be part of a forward-thinking district.”