Hardyston council votes against property ordinance

Hardyston. Township Council heeds residents who were opposed to the ordinance, who feared that it would cause government overreach into what vegetation needed to be removed.

| 01 Nov 2022 | 12:31

The Hardyson Township Council on Oct. 26 rejected an ordinance that would require all property owners to be responsible for maintaining a minimum level of upkeep on their property.

This ordinance, originally introduced on Sept. 28, would have pertained to all commercial and residential properties.

Back in July, the residents from Indian Fields brought to the council’s attention how upset they were regarding the lack of upkeep of two pieces of properties along Route 94 and the entrance to Indian Fields.

According to Township Manager Carrine Piccolo-Kaufer, there were a number of public members that were for the ordinance and those not in favor of the ordinance.

“Those who spoke in favor of the ordinance expressed safety and quality of life concerns,” Piccolo-Kaufer said. “Those in opposition of the ordinance expressed concerns that the ordinance was too far reaching and would have unintended consequences on the rural character of the township.”

Piccolo said that the residents that opposed the ordinance were concerned that “the language in the ordinance can be misinterpreted to mean that trees and other vegetation would need to be removed or would apply to farmland and other wooded and vegetated property.”

Piccolo-Kaufer said the council members proposed to further research and development of separate property and sidewalk maintenance ordinances at a later date.