Hardyston BOE celebrates award-winning teacher

HARDYSTON. Elementary school teacher Holly Romahn was honored with the 2022 Excellence Award.

| 22 Jun 2022 | 04:11

The Hardyston Board of Education meeting held on Tuesday evening, June 14, at the Hardyston Middle School celebrated Hardyston fourth-grade elementary school teacher Holly Romahn.

Hardyston Chief School Administrator Mike Ryder announced she was awarded the 2022 Excellence Award for Elementary School Teaching. The Excellence Award is from the New Jersey Technology and Engineering Educators Association (NJTEEA).

Ryder told the Advertiser that the Excellence Awards “are one of the highest honors given to technology and engineering educators.” The Excellence Award is given to a teacher that has outstanding contributions to their profession and their students.

“The NJTEEA Excellence Awards program was established to identify outstanding technology and engineering teachers who will serve as models for their colleagues and who could form a leadership core to affect change in the field,” Ryder explained.

Brian Drelick, one of the Hardyston Board of Education members, shared that one of his children is in Holly Romahn’s class. Drelick talked about how his son would come home and talk about the projects that they did in Romahn’s class.

“It’s so important that students get to love science, and how deserving Holly Romahn is to receive the Excellence Award,” said Drelick.

Romahn has been a teacher at Hardyston Elementary School for over 20 years.