FBLA hosts Super Night

Hamburg. The Wallkill Valley Regional High School Chapter of Future Business Leaders of America hosted a Super Night in which 2017 for an all-night lock-in event. Events included a basketball tournament, volleyball tournament, elimination tournament and movie night, a game area and dancing.

| 19 Dec 2019 | 03:02

The Wallkill Valley Regional High School chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) hosted Super Night 2019 for the benefit of the March of Dimes on Nov. 15, from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. the following morning in the high school gymnasium.

Two hundred seventeen students participated.

Activities during this 10-hour lock-in included a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, volleyball tournament, elimination tournament, movie night, a non-athletic game area, and dancing. Trophies and medals were awarded for each tournament.

The first-place winners in each tournament were: Basketball – (Tune Squad) Mason White, Shawn Falk, and Reyes Madera; Volleyball – (Yo Daddy) Shawn Falk, Reyes Madera, Ben Mizeski, Kyle Dunn, Jake VanderWiele, Jamie Struble, and Josh Jovel; Elimination – (Salty Seamen) Kevin Armstrong, Jake Biddulph, Hunter Nolan, Kyle Dunn, Derrick Rotger, and Ben Mizeski.

In order to participate in the event, students were required to raise a minimum of $50 for the March of Dimes; prizes were awarded to the top fundraising students: 1st place – Romeo Cuevas; 2nd place – Danielle Fetzner; and 3rd place – Dylan Bonser. Wallkill Valley FBLA’s Community Service Vice Presidents Danielle Fetzner and Madison Gunderman and the Super Night Committee did an outstanding job in planning the event, organizing activities, and securing food and drinks from the local community. The theme this year was “The Decades.”

A school assembly was held on Nov. 6, which outlined the details of the event. Tina Alberto was the keynote speaker. Mrs. Alberto, her husband, Dominick, and their children Leonardo and Rosario live in Morristown; and they will serve as the Ambassador family at the Meadowlands March for Babies in April. Mrs. Alberto shared her story how the March of Dimes impacted their lives with the premature birth of both of their sons. JoAnn Bartoli, the March of Dimes Senior Community Director of the North Jersey Division, also attended.