8th-graders take roles of colonists, loyalists

LAFAYETTE. Role playing is part of the annual American Revolution Immersion Project.

| 07 Apr 2024 | 07:25

The eighth-grade class at Lafayette Township School recently completed the annual American Revolution Immersion Project.

The class was split into two groups, the colonists and the loyalists, as they learned about Britain’s attempts to tighten its control over the 13 colonies through new taxes and regulations.

Those restrictions led to calls for independence of the colonies and eventually the drafting of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Students dresses in costumes, took part in role playing, decorated the hallways and were “taxed” by their teachers.

A highlight was the “fish bowl” debate in which students tried to convince their teacher, “King Dragone,” who was to blame for the colonies rebelling against their mother country.

Social studies teacher Brad Dragone spearheaded the project.