Still Kickin' Band sings the favorites

Franklin. The Still Kickin' Band played original songs and others at the Irish Cottage Inn, one of which is dedicated to the Sterling Hill Mine.

| 28 Oct 2019 | 03:37

The Still Kickin’ Band sang favorites at the Irish Cottage Inn of Franklin, transporting the audience throughout the United States and back to the Sterling Hill Mine.

Band members sang original songs, folk-rock, and country-rock, while listeners sang along and nodded heads to the beat of live music and laughter.

Bob Marks, Ray Sikora, Beatty McArdle, and Brian McArdle sang and played with contagious smiles.

Their voices melded together harmoniously along with tones of dulcimer guitar, guitars, bass, harmonica, and mandolin.

From time to time, Brian said, “Take us home, Bob,” who then played mandolin solos, cheering the heart.

Ray introduced the group as, “We are the “Still Kickin’ Band.”

They sang songs by Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Ricky Nelson, “May the Circle Be Unbroken,” “Sweet Caroline,” “The City of New Orleans,” and the “Sterling Hill Mine” song.

Ray said he takes credit for inspiring Brian to write the “Sterling Hill Mine” song.

Brian joked back, it was more like arm twisting. He said, Ray told him, “It would be a great idea for you to write a song about the mine.”

Ray said, “So I gave him a book.”

Brian added, “And here’s another one.”

The touching tones of harmonica introduced the “Sterling Hill Mine” song, which honors the miners of Sussex County and the mineral capital of the world.

“Now a museum and shrine,

To Ogdensburg Sterling Hill Mine”

Later, per request, the band sang, “The City of New Orleans.”

Brian introduced the request, “This is the best train song ever.”

After they finished singing the song, audience member Barbara Pennington commented she was from the 70s and 80s; and the more people hear that type of music, the more they will appreciate it.