How to expand your living space when building costs are through the roof

The cost of lumber is up 180% - and expected to continue rising. So how do you expand your living space without being subjected to these inflated prices? Consider masonry and patios.

| 15 Jun 2022 | 01:41

After a year of being cooped up at home, everyone is looking to expand their living space.

But the cost of building materials is way up. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the price of lumber has skyrocketed approximately 180%.

How can you expand your living area without succumbing to the inflated price of building materials? Consider masonry and patios instead of decks and porches.

While the price of wood and building materials have gone up, masonry costs have not. In 2021, it’s much more affordable to put in a patio than a deck.

The pros of putting in patios, from Athenia Mason Supply in Hamburg, N.J.:

• More affordable: Avoid the ever-high cost of putting in a deck by considering a patio or walkway instead

• Options: Patios usually sit at grade level but can be raised if your property is on a slope. Unlike decks, patios don’t need structural support - so they can be built next to your home or anywhere on your property, like near a garden or pool to expand your outdoor living area.

Durability: Since your patio will be made of hardscape materials, instead of porous, organic wood, it will not need to be regularly resealed, cleaned, and painted the way a deck would. Unmaintained wooden decks only last about seven to ten years, and are susceptible to mold growth and water damage. Patios and walkways can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

• Design options: Choose from various slabs, stones, and interlocking pavers to expand your outdoor living space. You can put in a walkway, build around a pool, put in an outdoor fireplace or firepit. Athenia Mason Supply even offers kits to build your own outdoor kitchen. The design options are endless, and materials come in a variety of colors and textures to match the look and feel of your home.

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