War on oil hurts our health, standard of living

| 05 Apr 2024 | 11:26

    Stop environmental activism!

    Here is why: Oil in the modern world is doing much more to protect the environment than the many years before!

    In the past, homes were being sided with wood while forests were being decimated due to all the logging. Nowadays, we side our modern homes with vinyl, which is made from oil. And it is maintenance-free! No more scraping away old paint and repainting every five to 10 years.

    So if you think you are doing good for the environment by bashing oil, all you are doing is raising fossil fuel prices.(which by the way is the primary cause of our inflation!)

    Oil/gas is where we get fertilizers and the diesel that the farmer needs to feed us. (You can’t make fertilizers from windmills or solar panels.)

    Nor can you recharge an (electric vehicle) EV fleet of cars with intermittent solar and wind.

    The war on oil is a war on our health and our standard of living!

    And if the day comes that the country becomes 30 percent EV, you will have to give up your (air conditioning) AC if charging cars simultaneously. (Or it will overstress the power plants.)

    Also note that prior to AC, life expectancy for the elderly was much lower! Because then, heat stress in summers was a killer!

    Burt Trattner