Voters know the difference between turkeys and eagles

| 08 May 2023 | 11:37

    I arrived home on Wednesday, May 3 to find a brightly colored brochure advocating a vote for (Dawn) Fantasia and (Michael) Inganamort (for the state Assembly). Inside were other candidates, (Joshua) Aikens and (Jason) Sarnowski, pictured as turkeys. One, an Obama voter and the other a tax-raiser.

    I then researched the word “turkey” and found that Benjamin Franklin preferred the turkey over the bald eagle because the bald eagle was “a bird of bad moral character” because they steal from other birds. But he called the turkey a much more respectable bird, a bird of courage and a true original native of America. I learned also that turkeys have outstanding vision, which is a good attribute for politicians to have.

    Then, I remembered what Dawn Fantasia and her cronies had done to Kevin Kelly. Kevin worked tirelessly as county counsel for three years. He had an office down the street from the freeholders/commissioners’ meeting room. He refused to allow the freeholders to spend taxpayer dollars to political operatives, and they fired him. Violating a more than 100-year tradition requiring that the Sussex County counsel be from Sussex County, they hired a political operative from Warren County. Kevin Kelly made $150,000 a year. The new appointment makes $500,000 a year.

    The brochure asked the question, “Who would ever vote for these turkeys?” The answer, Dawn and Mike, is that I am voting for those “turkeys” because I know the difference between turkeys and bald eagles.

    George T. Daggett


    Editor’s note: Robert Kovic also is a candidate in the June 6 Republican primary for two Assembly seats.