Vote R for less bureaucracy

| 17 Oct 2022 | 01:48

    We the people are often mistaken with the picture we have of political figures. Arguments ensue amongst us, and even within our own mind, about the pros and cons of a particular candidate. Often what sprouts from such exercise is a “cult of personality”, which leads to closed minded, ill-informed, non-rational voting. In doing so, we often miss the danger that lurks with left-leaning democrats, but republicans are not immune either. One must realize the power of these elected officials does not reside in the position, but rather within the bureaucracies our countless laws and regulations now necessitate.

    Take the Republicans, for instance. I can name many Republican governors or senators or congressional folks I despise since they are not in line with my conservative thoughts and stances. But I will gladly crawl over broken glass to vote for them. This is because the vast number of Democrats support a number of diabolical endeavors that will ultimately result in the demise of a functional government and society. Test the fruits of the tree. What are the results? Larger bureaucracy. Increased government oversight. Expansion of technocrats that pass unconstitutional rules and regulations that should otherwise stand the test of legislative process (and judicial review). Such items are only part of Biden’s wrecking ball. Take his horrid appointees; US Attorney Garland who weaponizes the FBI, Jennifer Granholm of the Department of Energy who wields the power of the Green New Deal and has shut down gas and oil production across the fruited plains, “Admiral” Rachel Levine, Head of the Department of Health, who advocates for child mutilation and abortion on demand, Miguel Cardona of the Department of Education pushing sexual deviancy amongst our youngest children. The list goes on. And each of these jesters possesses a legion beneath them to carry out such policies, most often against the will and acceptance of the American people, and definitely outside the legislative process. Your pride in not voting, or not voting for a Republican candidate because they don’t satisfy every checkbox, results in appointments across the broad swath of cabinet positions that affects us down to the community level. It is a vote for unaccountable bureaucrats who will continue to carry out Biden’s bidding for an inefficient green new deal, overzealous and abnormal sexualization of our children, and other fringe efforts.

    While many do not want to schlep to the polls this midterm, I urge to you to go. Make sure you’re registered and vote “R” down the ticket, and tell your friends, relatives, and even your foes to do likewise. The Republican candidates will, for the most part, but not without some disagreement, appoint competent individuals to the myriad of cabinet posts. Democrats consistently appoint those aligned with the entrenched bureaucrat, empowered by liberal government largesse, who all gladly and blindly carry out the will of authoritarian ignorers of the Constitution and common decency. Vote against such action by voting Republican this November....,even if you have to hold your nose and swallow your pride to do so.

    Paul Anderrson