Think about issues before you vote

| 26 May 2024 | 10:49

Here are some possible questions to ask before voting: (I will be asking them before I vote.)

• What is the purpose of government?

• Should huge monopolies be regulated by government? If regulated, how does this affect our free enterprise economy?

• Do monopolies hurt small businesses?

• Should military style weapons, such as AR-15s, and high-capacity magazines be regulated? How do I feel about background checks?

• Are men and women equal?

• Do I want government making health decisions for women or should women make them?

• Do I want cuts in government social programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?

• Do I want a regressive tax structure (the more you make, the less you pay)? Do I want a progressive tax structure (the billionaires don’t pay a lesser tax percent than working people)?

• Is climate change a reality? If so, what should or should not be done?

I feel it is important to be thinking about these issues when making a voting decision.

Knowing the facts - thus doing some research on where each candidate stands - is important.


Catherine Bullen