The many lies of Michael Schnackenberg, spokesman for the Sussex Dems

Newton /
| 13 Sep 2021 | 06:17

    To the Editor:

    The Sussex County Democrats are using addiction as a political hit piece through their spokesman Michael Schnackenberg. He continues to perpetuate false narratives and blatant lies against elected county commissioners and state legislators. This is the same individual who openly calls for killing of elected officials, promotes government overthrow, and encourages violence towards women.

    Schnackenberg accused county commissioners and legislative District 24 representatives of not being able to attend a vigil at the Newton Green on Aug. 31 for Overdose Awareness. He failed to realize that the commissioners and legislators had previously confirmed their attendance at other events on the evening of the 31st.

    He accuses the elected officials of “not giving a damn.” This is clearly not true, and his intent is to slander and smear any elected official he does not agree with.

    There have been many events the commissioners and legislators have attended to support the cause of addiction. If Schnackenberg had done his research he would have realized that commissioners Dawn Fantasia and Chris Carney, as well as Senator Steve Oroho, attend the 6th annual Changing the Face of Addiction Walk, which was sponsored by the Center for Prevention & Counseling. At this event Senator Oroho gave remarks before attendees embarked on a 1.5-mile walk.

    Shame on Michael Schnackenberg and the Sussex County Democrats for using addiction as a guise to make a political point. The public sees through this stunt.

    Schnackenberg should give a public apology to anyone who lost a loved one to addiction, as he is the only one who takes something this serious as a joke. Furthermore, he likes to mention that elected officials do not show up to events. This has been proven to be false.

    There is one fact that nobody can repudiate: Michael Schnackenberg has not shown up to any event. Enough said.

    Alex Majewski