The Jesus Tree

| 04 Apr 2022 | 09:21

“As a young sapling with earth, water and sun,

I grew straight and strong praised by everyone.

Then one day strong foemen severed my trunk,

Hewed me into a Cross and my spirits sunk.”

“To a hilltop of rogues they bore me,

Stood me up as I in terror could see.

The radiant High King was to be mounted fast,

I must be steady and firm as a ship’s mast.”

“In me these mocking sinners drove black nails,

Pierced and wet with blood I heard the disciplines’ wails.

They buried me and our Saviour in disgrace,

But in time we both resurrected in Holy Grace.”

The Jesus Tree story is in The Dream of the Rood,

An old English poem as the tenth Beatitude.

George Kibildis