The dead horse has risen again

| 08 Dec 2022 | 03:33

    Recent letters to the paper have basically proven EV (electric vehicle) people can’t do basic math.

    I have been accused of double talk; I guess if one doesn’t understand 2+2=4, maybe they would think it is double talk. Fine enough, that’s the way it is.

    EV owners can pat themselves on the back thinking they are saving the planet all they want, even though they are not. 70% of 33% is not 70%. Sorry, it isn’t.

    Why should the rest of us care? They can think whatever they are programmed to. Right?

    But wait, this horse, which has been beaten flat as a pancake, is actually a Trojan horse that is alive and well and unfortunately can bring much harm to the rest of us.

    Why? How? You may ask. It is very simple. Under the power of the gun (yes, the gun, because when the government mandates something, that’s how it is ultimately enforced), U.S. manufacturers will not be able to sell new gasoline cars in California, New York, etc., etc.

    If they can not sell them, guess what? They will not make them. A short story to illustrate a point: I am part of a small manufacturing company. Some years back when the owner died, he left the company to the employees.

    Because of the estate tax laws, we had to have public auction for the assets. These were just simple milling machines, lathes, come CNCs and such, nothing special.

    Can anyone guess where most of the manufacturing equipment went? In our case, India. I was there, I saw it for myself. Most of the machinery went right into a container out of the country.

    We couldn’t even buy our own equipment back and wound up jobbing out most of our parts to Chinese machine shops because of the cost.

    What does any of this have to do with EVs? Everything.

    When the U.S. automakers stop making gas cars, they are going to sell off all the tooling for making gasoline engines. This is standard practice.

    If you don’t believe it, look up the Ford Falcon, which was manufactured in its original form up until the 1990s in Argentina. The original Willys Jeep was made in India until the 2000s. Many more examples exist.

    U.S. automakers will stop making gasoline cars because of the mandates, not because of the market. This is so in-your-face wrong.

    Mathematically, converting to EVs (and electric heat, by the way) plain and simple is not going to work. It is a simple question of watts, not wants.

    Talk all day long, blah blah blah, it is not, REPEAT, NOT GOING TO WORK.

    So what is going to happen when it becomes apparent that this push to electrify everything was completely stupid and reckless?

    Obviously, the laws will be repealed. Unfortunately, where are the new cars going to come from? (No tooling here, remember).

    Two guesses ... one starts with “I” and the other with “C.” (Stock tip ... find a company in India or China that makes a nice copy of an F150 and invest.)

    Welcome to Cuba, USA. By the way to the EV guys, the only reason you can afford to drive your EVs at all is because the power plant pays $0.27 for the equivalent BTUs in a gallon of gasoline for the coal they burn.

    You are also evading road taxes, basically stealing from the rest of us.

    Alex Wronka