Thanks to the remarkable teachers and paraprofessionals at Kittatinny High School

Fredon /
| 03 Aug 2020 | 04:44

    To the Editor:

    As my daughter graduates, I’d like to thank the remarkable teachers and paraprofessionals of Kittatinny High School. To teach subject lessons is a job, but to instill characteristics of kindness, perseverance, and acceptance in young adults exceeds obligation.

    My daughter recalls many exceptional teachers over the years. There was the amazing math teacher who daily provided her classes with granola bars and bottled water because she knew that teenagers didn’t take the time to eat breakfast on school mornings. Additionally, my daughter admired her Environmental Science teacher who instilled in her a passion for protecting our planet. Finally, she recalls favorite History and Language Arts teachers with outstanding senses of humor and demeanor that made them relatable to teens.

    As a parent, there are many things that I appreciate. I’ve witnessed paraprofessionals work at after school events, helping students participate and gain valuable experiences. Also, there is no price tag that can be placed upon the feelings of acceptance and pride that directors/advisors of after school activities have impressed upon students. They consistently managed to guide their members toward exceptional goals while learning independence and responsibility.

    Words cannot convey the immense sense of gratitude and appreciation that our family has for all that Kittatinny’s teachers and paraprofessionals do every day.

    Jessica Storch