Thanks, and some questions, for Mayor Rubenstein

| 29 Mar 2021 | 05:15

    To the Editor:

    We thank Mayor Rubenstein for his letter furthering the municipal building discussion in the public forum of this newspaper.

    We would like to address a couple of items.

    It is not relevant whether we did or did not attend the meetings etc. We have read all the articles, explored the website, signed petitions, spoken to taxpayers who did attend meetings and gathered information. We are informed as are many of our fellow residents.

    We are not “misinformed” about the taxes. They have remained fairly stable but for how long? The municipal building will have to be paid for. The money has to come from somewhere and logically that is property tax increases. If that is not so, where is the funding coming from? Are budgets/spending being cut in other places to offset the expense of the new building? Will there be a detailed account of the funding?

    Again I reference the quote from the February 18 issue, “$5.5 million number is not chiseled in stone” which means it could go higher. And this is all for a township of 8000 residents. So how do we pay for this?

    Where is the vote on this building?

    Reid and Mary Thompson

    Byram Township