Some corrections to the letter about the USPS ‘slow down’

| 31 Aug 2020 | 05:00

    To the Editor:

    I feel I must correct a couple of comments made by Bonnie Rubin in her letter about the postal service and how President Trump is trying to sabotage the USPS. Bonnie states “ The “slow down” of the postal service can bring about serious consequences for many, for example, late or no delivery of Social Security checks, prescriptions and goods mailed from small businesses.

    First, the USPS has not delivered SSI checks in years. Just go to the SSA website and you can read how to receive your monthly payments.

    Second, I don’t think the USPS needed Trump to “slow down” the mail. Go mail a two-day priority package to almost any state and see how long it takes to get to it’s destination. My experience is 5 to 10 days.

    In closing this is my own observation. I don’t see what all the uproar is about removing the USPS blue drop cans. In my 36 years as a letter carrier more mail was damaged while in these drop cans. This happens when someone goes by and drops an ice cream cone or half a can of soda or a half eaten slice of pizza into the drop can on a hot summer day. The office I worked in, we actually had someone drop a lit piece of paper into the drop can, damaging the mail inside.

    Why do we need drop cans in the first place when you can put your mail in your own mail box and the mailman or mail lady will pick it up so you barely have to leave your house?

    Richard J. Swiss