Sickening to read outlandish lies about the vaccine

Sparta /
| 14 Dec 2021 | 10:19

    To the Editor:

    Before I comment on the above, a few comments on The Sparta Independent. It is sad and dangerous that you would choose to publish Sue’s claims. Even Twitter and Facebook attempt to identify dangerous false claims and ensure they are not published. They are very unsuccessful, but they make some sort of effort. That you would choose to print an exceedingly long, far past your stated 200 word direction, diatribe like hers is reckless. You, unlike Twitter and Facebook can review every piece before making a choice to print.

    Sue has strong opinions that are largely based on others who have strong opinions. RFK Jr. has strong opinions on vaccines. Literally none of them have been proven, or even supported by science. Dr. Robert Malone has strong opinions, or at least his wife does, that he is the creator of mRNA technology. He is not. Thirty years ago he identified some things that have played a role, but to say he is the creator is false. It is like saying one person settled the western United States. The man is bitter about this reality.

    The reference to Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates purported comments is false. Neither said the vaccine does not work. As far as business partners, that is nonsense. All of Sue’s examples are from social media, shared by hundreds of thousands and universally debunked by the facts.

    The vaccine has saved millions of lives around the world. The booster making its protective capabilities even greater. The unvaccinated have caused the death toll to rise, more often than not with themselves as part of the statistics. It is sad that so many feel if seen on Facebook or Twitter it’s fact or that hearing something on an outlandish podcast is discovery of the truth. It is not.

    Even a cursory check on these claims demonstrates they are false. The authors of these lies and outlandish claims know that check will not be done. Rather they use the outlandish, the lies, as fuel for the self gratification of how many hits their posts gets.

    That you would do the same, is sickening.

    Mark C. Proulx