Saving us from climate change won't kills us

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| 31 Jan 2020 | 03:11

    Most, if not all sensible people know that saving us from severe climate change won't hurt the economy. That my friends was the rationale for the Paris Accord, which the U.S. dropped in a large garbage bin, along with the spirits of many. If we look back at that accord; its main objective in 2015 was to keep temperatures down below 2 degrees or better, yet, below 1.5 degrees! By 2100 there will be arise to 3 degrees anyway, as we goofed! I know; goofed is not a scientific word, is it?

    It has happened before with the rise of temperatures to a devastating 3 degrees plus. Science says the last time was 3 million years ago. It happened in the Pliocene era, which is before we or our ancestors were here. The results were devastating, and be glad we were not here. Climate was changed that Earth had forests all the way to the edge of the Arctic Ocean. There were many heat waves, droughts, and elsewhere killer floods. That kind of storms and bad conflict would lead to severe migrations, and,yes, wars for survival!

    Along with such temperature rises, the polar ice caps would melt today. How critical is this? Studies at the UN suggest the world has only 11 years to act to stop these problems! Will the world and our country act! I cannot be sure, but I hope so! We need a 45 percent cut in global emissions! Sadly time is short, and we can make great use of electric cars and busses, but we have to get in the game! Don't we?

    Here is something to note and that is half the cars bought in Norway last year were electric cars! I have one and I have one that creates and wastes emissions! We all need to change, and that clock is ticking! If there are kids in School, we need to change the way we insulate homes and apartments, as emissions there are problem, too. Yes, we need to take 40 million or more gas emission cars off the road- soon and here.

    One final stat, the EU is the world leader in renewable energy patents The EU also runs 421,000 of the 425,000 electric buses! Where are we, and where is China? Both of us pollute, and must change!

    Bill Weightman