Save America by voting Republican

| 28 Oct 2022 | 01:29

    Don’t bee hoodwinked by the Democratic Party’s smoke-and-mirrors parlor tricks, and don’t be lulled into apathy by the recent decrease in gas prices. It’s yet another deceitful political tactic to make Americans feel that things are starting to improve. Trust me, they aren’t.

    And if (horror of horrors), the Democrats retain control of the House and Senate after the mid-term elections, they will push the AOC-inspired Anti-fossil fuel Green New Deal insanity to a currently unfathomable level (i.e. gas and fuel oil prices that will have middle and lower-income households drowning in a sea of interminable economic despair). Thus, I implore any and all Straus News readers with even a modicum of intelligence to to heed the following advice: Save America. Vote Republican or suffer the consequences of a Democratic-induced Dystopia.

    Gregory Agen