Restore Zoom access to county meetings

Newton /
| 09 Aug 2021 | 04:52

    To the Editor:

    It’s been over two months since the Sussex County Board of Commissioners cut off online access to meetings, for no other reason than commissioners’ director Dawn Fantasia having so little respect for her constituents — you know, the public; yes, taxpaying citizens she was elected to represent — that she won’t allow them the convenience of being able to attend a government meeting in any way other than in-person.

    Oh yeah, and because she can’t bear to see her and her lemmings be subject to public criticism, lest their thin skins bruise so easily.

    Well, guess what, Dawn? Public criticism comes with the job! And you, as a public official, are subject to criticism.

    There is no reason that, in 2021, the public should not have the right to attend and participate in meetings electronically. You have a choice of options — Zoom, WebEx, YouTube, Facebook Live — all options that won’t break your budget.

    So go put on your big girl pants, Dawn. You’ve got the funds to do it. So do it! Restore online access.

    Don’t forget, a petition has been started. Please visit and sign to request a restoration of online access.

    Michael Schnackenberg