Out-of-towners should stay out of local politics

| 24 Jul 2014 | 03:43

    This is in response to Wallace Zosche from Vernon calling for Councilman Babcock to resign from the council. Who do these people think they are getting involved with our local politics? This man and others like them should mind their own business and worry about their own towns. If the Franklin residents want a change, it is up to them to simply vote whomever out of office, not some guy sitting on his couch two towns over calling for resignations. Regardless of one's opinion on the recent events, it is for the voters in Franklin to decide who runs their local government. Calling for resignations because their views are outside the "norm&" is a bad practice, one that was used heavily in Germany in the 1930s. I think we all know how that turned out. Another thing is, has anyone actually asked Babcock or Fanale their side of the story? There are always two sides. All I have seen is ridiculous Facebook posts quoted as if they are news. The alleged statement from Babcock "I hate you guys," Zosche keeps quoting is technically defined as hearsay, and if that statement came from the police to the paper, then shame on them, both the police and the paper. It is not in the police's mission statement to be political, whatsoever. That is a very dangerous road to take. I have also heard during the original incident at the pet store fire that set all the events in motion, there were firemen on the scene in their protective gear. If that is true, then the officer that was reprimanded at the council meeting had no business going into the burning building without protection, it was an unnecessary risk. There is an unspoken truth in here somewhere that will probably never come to the surface. The point is that these armchair quarterbacks in other towns should mind their own store, let the Franklin residents mind theirs.

    Alex Wronka