Open Picatinny Arsenal for temporary shortcut

Sparta /
| 05 Jun 2024 | 10:08

    The abrupt closure of Route 15 southbound is horrible news for Sussex County’s working families, businesses and patients who need emergency transport.

    But there is a shortcut that could divert traffic to Mount Hope Road and thereby give access to Route 80.

    Unfortunately, it runs through the gated Picatinny Arsenal.

    I urge Sen. Cory Booker along with Reps. Josh Gottheimer and Thomas Kean Jr. to work with the Department of Defense ASAP to allow for public access through the northern section of Picatinny.

    I’m sure there will be pushback that this would create a national security issue, but frankly, as a senior citizen living in Sparta, I’m more concerned about the delay ambulances now face getting patients to top-tier stroke units and burn centers.

    This feels like a more statistically probable risk than a terrorist attack on Picatinny.

    This is taxpayer-owned land; it should be used, temporarily, for the greatest good.

    Kathleen O’Brien