Mr. Schnackenberg is misinformed in all aspects of voting security

| 21 Sep 2020 | 05:47

    To the Editor:

    In response to Mr. Schnackenberg’s last two letters, the letter in which you stated that the Republican stench will be washed away from this country on the coming election day and the latest letter that mail-in voting is safeguarded against cheating. I wish offer the following in response.

    You sir and no one in this country can totally safeguard the mail-in voting tally. You are misinformed in all aspects of voting security. When polled, citizens of the United States that can legally vote said only 30% think mail-in voting is totally safeguarded. The other 70% are educated about all that could and most likely will go wrong with mail-in voting. Last but not least, the stench that you wish to wash away on election day is actually the flatulence of the north end of a donkey walking south which just happens to be the Democratic mascot. It is the same end that the Democratic party chooses to make all its decisions for their constituents and if not stopped, will turn this country into a third world country or into a socialist nightmare.

    Jochem R. Kresse