Liberal letter writer left out important platform

| 09 Dec 2019 | 03:54

    It seems you have left out a very important platform of the extreme liberal left related to how you can get more people enrolled to vote. Just open the borders, let anyone in that wants to get in, offer them free healthcare, free education, free housing, welfare checks and of course the right to vote in our elections. This will offer your political party’s liberal agenda millions of votes in perpetuity as these newly immigrated people will be very fearful the other party might end this charade. The best way the left can maintain and increase political power is to have the majority of people fearful of the other party. Their lives never get better but they are happy with the low standard they have been provided. Every major American city with liberal mayors and policies have floundered. The streets of Los Angeles today are disgraceful. As a sanctuary city illegal immigrants flock there daily with no place to live. What we really need is the passing and enforcement of a voter ID law. If you want to vote; show picture ID. This is needed for so many simple aspects of our life but for some reason anyone can show up at a polling place, claim to be a voter and then cast their vote. For those few people without a drivers license, a passport or any other government issued ID, they would be provided to them free of charge. If you really want to ensure election security doesn’t voter id make sense?

    Tom Finocchio