Lafayette House warm and welcoming

| 17 Oct 2022 | 01:35

The Lafayette House, which is perched in the heart of Sussex County, is an exquisite restaurant that takes you back in time. You feel like you are in the 18th century with its decor. The surrounding views of the green landscaping and picturesque setting is very relaxing.

From the moment you walk in the front door, you are taken to the Revolutionary Era. Framed pictures of Marquis de Lafayette (who served under George Washington) are hanging on the wall to your right; along with a letter dated back to the year 1830. As you take it all in while walking through, you will be greeted by a host who is extremely warm and welcoming!

As she takes the menus, you will have to decide which part of the restaurant to eat in-----The main dining area has many tables with a working fireplace made of stone that sits at the far right. The mahogany wood beams that are above, flow beautifully, and you really do not notice how high the ceiling is because of that feature.

The Marquis Tavern downstairs makes it even more intriguing! As you walk down below you enter a narrow space where you have the bar area to your left with tavern tables in front of you, and to your right. They have Pasta and Trivia Night on Thursdays—and if you can go on a Friday or Saturday night, you will be entertained by live acoustic music and sometimes a piano player.

When the host is seating you, she tells you with a smile how appreciative they are for your patronage!

The friendly server takes your order, and the food is brought out quickly. The succulent lemon sauce steaming from the dish will have you impatiently waiting to eat the tasty Chicken Francaise along with a warmed baked potato, and steamy vegetables. You feel at home as the food is laid out in front of you! A little wine or beer to go along with the dinner will have you kicking back in no time. You cannot leave without trying the dessert as the ambience will make you want to stay!

Whether you are a history lover or not- you would not want to miss the experience as the friendly atmosphere will keep you coming back!

Dawn DeMattheis

Highland Lakes