Kudos for Dr. Castro and the paper

| 19 Sep 2021 | 08:54

    To the Editor:

    There’s been a massive bombardment lately from those who arrogantly demand censorship to anything not aligned with their ideology; now we’re hearing it even in Viewpoint’s Letter to the editor. It’s bound to have happened, with widespread curtailing of freedom of speech on a much larger scale, especially in mass media. So first, Kudos to the paper for preserving our first amendment rights to freedom of speech, especially in the realm of representing various opinions. Thanks to Dr. Castro for bringing to light the atrocities of PITT fetal research.

    Which brings me to the rantings of Ms. Kimberly McAlary. What’s truly horrific is her recent opinion piece where she states, “deeply disappointed” at the paper for publishing “inflammatory statements without first checking their veracity.” She accused Dr. Castro of “horrific lies.”

    By her own logic, she should be censored. Dr. Castro questions where is the outrage regarding inhumane treatment of our most vulnerable. Ms. McAlary’s response, “there’s little outrage.” Being a mouthpiece for Planned Parenthood isn’t getting her points in the truth department.

    McAlary goes on to state, “the media is much more careful at reporting their findings....” The fact is six media conglomerates control 90 percent of the media outlets. They control what we read, watch and listen to. In the words of singer/songwriter Jim Morrison, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.”

    By her own admission she did “ a very quick bit of googling” to support her own fact checking. That accounts for her misinformation regarding the whole University of PITT hub for fetal parts story. The point is Kimberly McAlary may believe her “truths” with whatever Google search she chooses or media she puts her trust in. She is entitled to voice an opinion, regardless of the misinformation she bases it on, because everyone has the right to freedom of speech however questionable their resources.

    Jean Orso

    Highland Lakes