If there is evidence of voter fraud, put up or shut up

| 09 Aug 2021 | 04:44

    To the Editor:

    I agree with Mr. Danielson in his Aug. 5 letter that I also would like to know if my vote was part of an honest process. The election was Nov. 3, some nine months ago, and we still seem to be debating the results.

    There have been many recounts upon recounts of votes, and there has not been any evidence of any voter fraud that would have had any impact on the final vote tally. Over 60 cases were litigated in courts and lost due to lack of evidence. All states confirmed vote results.

    Many Trump insiders like Attorney General Bill Barr said the election was fair and secure. All of the voting process issues in the swing states that are being questioned were enacted by the GOP state legislators in those states to accommodate the pandemic issue, and were well intended, but did not impact the results.

    We have these “Cyber Ninjas” in Arizona combing through ballots looking for traces of bamboo and panda paw prints, and after over five months have no evidence of problems. Maybe after a few more years of this nonsense they might find some votes for Pat Paulsen for president.

    This prolonged clown show only destroys our faith in the foundation of our American democracy. If there is true evidence to present of voter fraud, then put up or shut up!

    Enough is enough. Putin and other dictators are reveling in America’s self-destruction.

    Pieter W. Uptegrove