I admired your letter about your grandson, but you kicked a sleeping bear

Sparta /
| 03 Jul 2020 | 09:33

    To the Editor:

    Love you, man, but be careful at whom you hurl the political gauntlet! I admired your blog about the patriotism of your grandson and respect for the flag as a symbol of our country, but you kicked a sleeping bear when you challenged a reply by a never-Trumper. Here it is, George, and it comes with my challenge for you to gainsay it.

    Are you trying to conflate respect for the United States with respect for the President of the United States? Are you trying to say that in order to respect the morals and mission of our country I must also respect the man who defiles it daily? It is precisely because I respect my country that I cannot and will not respect a vile poseur , a semi-literate, but proliferate liar, a man who respects nothing or no one except other autocrats of his ilk. I cannot respect the gall of a man who would represent us before the world by communicating on a grammar school level, or a childish adult who brags about grabbing women by the crotch.. I cannot respect the man who disrespects his job by substituting Fox News as a reliable source of intelligence over that prepared by professionals.. And I hold the man in absolute disgust for disrespecting our military, our men and women in harm’s way, by summarily dismissing as a “hoax” credible information that Russia was paying a bounty for killing our soldiers in Afghanistan. He’s Lying, George..

    I foreswore any more political rantings after the impeachment trial and have adhered to my decision that there is no sense in kicking a dead horse. I guess I broke my vow; but George, I’m afraid you are the dead horse. Now, my friend, Let’s fight over it over coffee at the Bagel Bistro, OK?

    Your friend,

    John Klumpp, NT ( never-Trumper )