Fantasia, Inganamort would be best for District 24

Newton /
| 26 May 2023 | 12:42

    With all the recent turmoil coming from Trenton filtering down to our communities, Boards of Education and municipal government, there is one thing that is certain: We need good leadership in Trenton.

    The leaders that we put forward in District 24 represent our values in Trenton and in Sussex, Morris and Warren counties.

    We could make sure that our voices, conservative values and autonomy over our children’s future are preserved and advocated for by having strong leadership represent us.

    This year, in the June 6 primary, I will be voting for the ticket of Space, Fantasia and Inganamort and hope you too will help lead them to victory in District 24.

    Daniel Flynn


    Editor’s Note: Flynn is a former Newton mayor.