Fanale an example of transparent government

| 28 Mar 2014 | 11:25

    Nothing stirrs up more emotion than an elected official letting the contistuents know what how he feels about a subject. It seems to me that the citizens who do not like Fanale's feelings, would rather have a councilmen keep it to himself. Everyone has some sort of bias to issues. my arguement with the citizens is: If Fanale DID NOT post comments in Facebook and voted against police matters, no one would make a peep, but he did, and some people what his head.

    In speaking to councilman Fanale myself, you could not get a more honest and forthright answer to questions. Now I do not agree with councilman Fanale's Facebook postings, that is not the arena for town issues, he still has the right to air his opinions, like it or not.

    Also asking for censure against councilman Fanale's vote on police matters is nothing but nonsense. I'm glad that Mayor Crowley informed the citizens of how govenment works.

    In summation, if state, and federal government where this transparent, New Jersey and the United States of America would not have the problems we are experiencing today.

    Stephan Zydon