EVs are bad for America

| 13 Sep 2022 | 01:31

    McDonald’s and Holiday Inn started in the USA. Only because USA had gas cars that were affordable to the middle class. So, as roads improved drivers would take long car trips. Needing food and roadside motels along the way. Of course they would also buy gifts and do shopping. Expanding our great economy. It was the Mobile American that had created our economy! EVs just could never fill the bill. Constant range anxiety, long charging times etc. Tesla? Try taking a trip from NJ to Orlando, FL, with two kids in the back seat of an EV. (It will be your last trip for certain in an EV.) Albeit! Fine for local use. But what’s the advantage? The juice is coming from the fossil fueled grid anyway. In 10 years’ time the EV world will be gone when the impracticality’s become experienced.

    Burt Trattner