Discourage public sex education in school

| 02 Aug 2022 | 11:08

    Sexual education should not be a class in our schools because it does not belong in the classroom and it is harmful to the children and society. The term sexual education usually refers to human reproduction, filial relationships, gender identity, etc. I am using sexual education (SE) to primarily refer to gender identity, graphic study of sexual intercourse, preventing or aborting children, and the such like. But not to a scientific study of human biology suitable for middle and high school. SE’s entanglement in fundamental values (such as a basic understanding of who one is) and the innocents of the children necessitates SE as a delicate subject which only the parents or a person whom the parents trust should teach them. Although transparency for what actually occurs on the ground in SE classes is lacking, the State has released the document Learning Standards — Comprehensive Health and Physical Education — which reveals an overly sexual focus that is anti-family and encourages leftist ideology. For example, by the end of second grade children are told that they can pick whatever gender they have just been taught about to express themselves in. [Editor’s note: the curriculum does not tell second graders they can “pick whatever gender they have just been taught.” Regarding second graders, the standards say, “Discuss the range of ways people express their gender and how gender-role stereotypes may limit behavior.” There are no other mentions of gender for second graders listed in the standards.]

    By the end of fifth grade, they are expected to know what masturbation is, changes during puberty, and the different ways pregnancy can occur. By ninth grade they have “developed a plan to eliminate or reduce risk of unintended pregnancy” and learned “safer sex methods” (e.g., condom). These things are reinforced by the end of twelfth grade. SE is anti-family because it encourages doing something against its purpose. The sexual activity naturally leads to children. Children need to be raised and educated. Raising children is best done in a stable environment which the family provides. Thus, sexual activity should only be done between married couples.

    Any activity done that arises sexual pleasure and prevents children is perverted and discourages family by removing the primary purpose of family which is the children. For this and other reasons, a SE education that encourages by presenting as acceptable intimate sexual interaction is wrong and should not be taught in schools.

    Peter Godlewsky