Crabb should continue in office

| 28 May 2014 | 01:13

    I'd like present reasons for Republicans to select Phil Crabb over Ron Bassani for Freeholder.

    Phil Crabb has been a hard worker for financial responsibility on the Freeholder Board for many years and his hard work is evident in the budgets developed in that time.

    However, Ron Bassani has to take responsibility for the the Lake Neepaulin tax debacle that threatens to drive people out of their homes.

    In no way should the burden of private lake repairs be laid on the backs of people who cannot use the lake. The tax should be structured so that those who benefit from the lake pay for its upkeep.

    Others in Sparta should be aware of Bassani's close friendship with former school superintendent Tom Morton.

    During Bassani's reign as board president, no oversight or accountability was brought to bear on the administration. As a result, the slow slide toward mediocrity began. The schools are still trying to recover and gain back the lost stature and performance.

    In brief, despite Bassani's attacks, the freeholders are doing a good job and Phil Crabb should continue in office.

    Paul Johnson