A world that doubts climate change is in trouble

| 07 Oct 2019 | 02:02

    While a number believe in Trump’s folly on Climate Change; many states are fighting back and winning in the Courts! Why? Time may have run out, but the fight must continue to roll back Trump’s ludicrous agenda.

    We know that carbon dioxide was found in our Atmosphere with other dangerous gases. In 1860, John Tyndall was among the first of scientists to note this discovery. He was followed by Svante Arrhenius, an early 20 Century Chemist, and he was disturbed that coal was the source of such pollutants (the Economist).

    Some say climate change always occurred. No, with the coming of fossil fuels it would grow in a high linear climb! In 1900, coal produced 2 billion tons of air pollution. By 1950, the climb in pollutants increased three times that figure, and now 20 times.

    By 1965, government woke from its stupor in the U.S. and for the first time; we were aware of the impacts on Climate and pollution.

    LBJ and others were aware of the coming dangers, as they realized temperatures and rising sea levels would be a danger in the 21st century and carbon stored for years was part of the equation.

    In 1965, the carbon-dioxide level was 320 parts per million (ppm). The level now is 408ppm, and it rises 2ppm a year! There are other greenhouse gases like Methane and nitrous oxide.

    We need to act now. I have left out how water vapor can cool and heat the atmosphere. The time now is for unified action everywhere!. Islands will flood and nations will suffer, and people will die even here! They do now.

    Bill Weightman