A tribute to my wonderful friend Joanne Jones

Vernon /
| 25 May 2020 | 06:38

This is a tribute to the life of my wonderful and very special friend Joanne Jones. We met at a bible study and continued our friendship throughout the next 35 years. I have a photo of her together with a few other friends, plus myself, on my dresser which is a constant reminder of her.

Joanne loved God, life, her family and her friends. She was vibrant, upbeat, courageous, kind, loving, long-suffering, generous, and so much more. Even on those cloudy days in her life, she always had a smile that radiated like the sun. Joanne enriched the lives of all those she encountered by spreading her love and joy to them so abundantly and without reservation.

Joanne never let the darkness that befalls all of us at times consume her and she never let any downfall in her life defeat her. Joanne’s faith, hard work and dedication helped her surmount all of her struggles which led to the creation of the beautiful person Joanne, whom we all remember.

Joanne loved to sing and dance. She would dance even when she was in pain. Nothing would ever deter Joanne or cause her to lose her zest. She was an extraordinary person! For all of us who are now mourning her, I have this picture in my mind of her dancing and singing in heaven with no pain with beautiful shoes on her now perfect feet. Her present is much better than her past. It’s not the end but a magnificent new beginning for Joanne. We all need to have faith, belief and hope like Joanne. God reigns, He is in control and He has overcome death!

Christa Gerry