A new day is dawning in America

Newton /
| 09 Nov 2020 | 06:31

    To the Editor:

    Well, I told you.

    By the time this letter is published, Joseph Robinette Biden will have been elected the 46th President of the United States. Despite all the beautifications from the various right-wingers (Gregory Agen comes to mind), we will have an adult in the White House, instead of a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, immoral man-child.

    To those of you who claim the election was rigged — grow a brain.

    To my fellow Americans who voted for Biden — thank you. You have saved our country.

    Of course, I expect the Republican Cult will continue to slander President Biden. But hopefully the media will tune them out. Especially here in Sussex County, where Republicans are nothing more than acolytes obedient to their false God.

    A new day is dawning in America.

    Michael Schnackenberg