Letter from the publisher

| 24 Mar 2020 | 12:26

Together we face the unparalleled and devastating challenges presented by the coronavirus crisis. At Straus News, we are working hard to keep readers informed, community leaders connected, and businesses solvent.

Straus News has been in the communications business since 1943. We’ve come through wars and recessions, shocks and economic upheaval – and we’ve learned a few lessons along the way.

One of those lessons? This is why we exist. In uncertain times like these, readers turn to a news source they can trust – that strives to report faithfully and fairly, that provides genuine understanding and boots-on-the-ground local news you can’t get anywhere else.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve launched a daily local coronavirus update that is hugely popular with readers and seen an unprecedented spike in new readers and e-subscribers.

Knowing that readers are cooped up at home, where our print paper gets delivered weekly, we figured some entertainment was in order. We’ve added a Kidscoop games page, DIY projects, and a puzzle page for adults. We’ve asked readers to share their favorite dog pictures we can publish and coming soon: cat pictures.

Of course what we’re best known for is relentlessly local news and verified facts that readers can trust as we confront — together — the challenges imposed by the coronavirus. Local journalism outfits like Straus News remain the most reliable, trusted and prolific source of news that affects your family’s daily life. Keeping safety in mind, we are focused on serving the informational needs of the people who live and work here without interruption.

We know that shutdowns and quarantines have been devastating to so many local businesses and institutions. To support them, Straus News is offering unprecedented discounts on our marketing products and services. We are also offering all local businesses a free announcement to appear both in print and online related to important notices or changes. Contact your account executive or send an email to sales@strausnews.com.

Amid all this upheaval, one thing remains unchanged: our total commitment to local news, our readers and the community. You know you can rely on us, and we know we can rely on you. We will do everything we can to keep it that way – today, tomorrow, and every day of this latest threat to life and global stability.

Stay safe, and best wishes,

Jeanne Straus

President & Publisher

Straus News