A look at Sussex County history today

SUSSEX COUNTY. New markers will highlight three key historical sights.

| 02 Aug 2022 | 11:21

Every year, the Sussex County Commissioners provide funding for historical markers. Currently there are over 40 such markers around the county, located at significant sites. A listing of these sites are on the Sussex County History page of the county government website (navigate to the Departments drop-down menu to find the Sussex County History page link at sussex.nj.us). There are four pages of History that you might investigate. If you find some sites of interest, a self-guided tour makes for a great drive around the beautiful county of Sussex.

As time moves forward, new people come to the county who may be unaware of its natural beauty and resources, and of its history. To illuminate them on these issues, the county’s history pages will periodically provide more information about the significant historical spots in our county so that the readers may venture out and look for themselves and be supplied with some added understanding of the importance of each site. Questions about our county and suggestions for more information are appreciated.

Between February and May of this year, there was a call for applications on the Sussex County History website for historical markers and areas of recognition covering several categories. Responses were received and were reviewed and evaluated by a committee, including myself, of esteemed county historians: Jennie Sweetman, Wayne McCabe, Ron Dupont, and Mario Poggi.

Selected from the applications received, the historical marker awards this year are:

Branchville Cemetery

Stillwater Alms House and Potters Field

Walpack Flatbrookville

For the Senior Historian for this year, the George Washington Award, it goes to Alex Everett for his many services over many years.

The awards ceremony will take place at the Sussex County (NJ State) Fair on August 6 at 5p.m. at the County Building. Recipients will provide a presentation of their significant markers, depicting their importance and explaining a little about them. All are welcome to attend this event.

I thank the Sussex County Commissioners for their continued support of the program and of our wonderful history.