A rebuttal to Kristy Lavin’s letter

| 23 Oct 2020 | 04:28

    To the Editor:

    In the Oct, 22 issue of The Advertiser, Hardyston Council candidate Kristy Lavin paid me some very nice compliments, which I greatly appreciate. However, it is somewhat misleading in the fact that it implies that a vote for her would continue my legacy on the Hardyston Council. This could not be further from the truth! I do not even know Ms. Lavin and to the best of my knowledge have never even met her. As far as I know she has never even attended a council meeting. She certainly has never volunteered to serve on any of the township’s committees.

    I have proudly served on the Hardyston Council for over twenty (20) years as a Republican, and I still support the entire Republican team. I have known and served with both of the Republican candidates, Frank Cicerale and Brian Kaminski, for many years, and will vote for and urge my fellow voters to vote for both of them.

    Frank and Brian are knowledgeable about Hardyston and have a plan to serve the best interests of the town. Ms. Lavin doesn’t seem to have a platform or at least she doesn’t deem to share it with us. Electing her just because she is a woman is not the Republican way or the American way. The only quota that we should follow is the best person for the job regardless of race, creed or gender. Anything else should be considered sexist.

    Leslie Hamilton

    Hardyston Township Councilwoman