Toy School

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:44

    HARDYSTON - Hardyston Adventure Theater christened its new stage with an inaugural production of "Toy School" May 14 at Hardyston Middle School. Art teacher Kasey Edwards directed a cast and crew of 43 students in a play about a group of awkward toys who learn how to become toys worthy of being sold in a toy store. Each toy has a different problem to overcome: Ted E. Bear, played by Andy Mazzella, wants to be a punching toy, Toy Soldier, played by Danny Burdzy, can't march two steps without falling over his own feet and Jackie in the Box, played by Krystyna Morales, can't remember when she is supposed to pop out of her colorful box. To make matters worse, the teacher, Miss Grouchstick, played by Ashley Whelan, threatens failing students with the "toy dump," and a Witch, played by Leibby Quezada, shows up to frighten the students. After learning to help each other practice and overcome their failings, the toys then earn their "price tags" at graduation. Edwards, who is in her first year of teaching at the school, thanked the students and parent volunteers at the end of the show, presenting them with certificates and medals. The students began rehearsing in February for the two performances May 13 and 14. Cast members often added their own special touch to the parts, such as Katie Warga who used a southern accent in her role as Rover, a stuffed puppy who spouts wisdom from her "old Pa." The new Hardyston school opened to students in November. There are currently about 300 students in grades six, seven and eight.